rNFL Fades to Black

Posted on: May 10, 2018   |   Posted by: Refs4Pats NFL Blog2

On Monday afternoon, the Reddit admins came to the table with us to discuss our concerns about the direction of new.reddit.com. Members of our mod team sat down with a number of members of the admin team, as well as mods from other sports subs, and discussed the redesign and the process moving forward. While the call was not entirely successful in terms of the goals we went in for, we did get a few positive notes and have a more open dialog with admin due to it. Shortly after our call, admin posted a major changelog post. In it, they made a few announcements that we’ve been very interested in getting. API access is a big one that will allow better sidebar access that we will need to maintain our status quo. The starting of communicating just what is in store for a future roadmap is buried within the 144 page long accessibility audit that they suggested they’re working with. It is very apparent that this will be a long process, and one we are willing to give a chance as long as we stay involved with the process. In the comments, the admins suggested that the concerns made in the call are going to be addressed in a forthcoming post, which we will be keeping a close eye out for. With all that considered, they want to bring us back to the table for another phone meeting in the future. Communication lines are far more open (with /u/spez even messaging one mod a bit). And while things are not nearly perfect, we’re looking at the future more positively and with hope that we’ll reach a place that is agreeable to all parties. We’re turning CSS back on with a new theme. We want people to know what the future holds while also keeping the high functionality that we’ve built here thus far. And we want to thank everyone who reached out in /r/redesign and spoke on our behalf. Both we and the Reddit admins want Reddit to be an amazing community. We want to ensure that the redesign for this site will be a benefit for all of you. Thank you all for your patience, your voice, and your support. Previously rNFL, The Resign, and The Future of Reddit We'd like to take a moment to talk to you about Reddit and CSS submitted by /u/NFL_Mod [visit reddit] [comments]