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Hey, /r/NFL! I just simulated the 2017-2018 season using the teams from each team's greatest season. I do not control these results, so I have no personal biases in this simulation. If you want to see what happened in Week 17, you can do so over here! If you want to see cumulative stats and awards, you can do so over here! Playoff Forecast: Wild Card Round A reminder of the schedule: Wild Card: June 12th Divisional Round: June 13th Conference Championship: June 14th Super Bowl: June 15th Ultimate Recap: June 16th Beginning in July, I'm gonna be running a version of the /r/NFL All-Time Season except with the WORST teams of all time. Any name ideas for that? Let's get into the Wild Card Round of the /r/NFL All-Time Season. Wild Card Scores (#5) '68 Jets @ (#4) '98 Broncos New York finished 9-7 on the year, a small step up from the mostly middling teams in the AFC Wild Card Race. Meanwhile, the Broncos opened the season 7-2, but slumped to a 10-6 record to end the year. Denver opened up this game with a touchdown drive, and the Jets were flustered from the start. The Broncos increased their lead to 10-0, which quickly went to 17-0 at half thanks to another Terrell Davis score (he finished with 87 yards rushing, and both a rushing and receiving touchdown). Denver hit a peak when they, deep into the third, led 23-0. New York didn't give up without a fight, however. They scored on a 7 yard Matt Snell touchdown run with 9:17 left in the 4th, and added a two point conversion (a slant to Don Maynard). 23-8, Broncos. On the ensuing drive, John Elway was baited into a pick that led to a quick Namath touchdown pass. 23-15, Broncos. All of a sudden a one possession game. Ultimately, the Jets defense wasn't able to capitalize on this momentum swing, and allowed Denver to drip time off the clock and kick a field goal with just over a minute left, leaving New York with an insurmountable 11 point deficit. Joe Namath finished 15/31 for just 163 passing yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT. Elway, meanwhile, ended up 16/28 for 195, 1 TD, and 1 INT. The Jets put up a good fight, but it ultimately isn't enough to take down MVP Terrell Davis and the '98 Broncos. Away Scr @ Home Scr '68 Jets 15 @ '98 Broncos 26 The '68 New York Jets have been eliminated from championship contention. If the '07 Patriots defeat the '90 Bills, the '98 Broncos will face the '99 Jaguars. If the '90 Bills defeat the '07 Patriots, the '98 Broncos will face the '00 Ravens. (#6) '90 Bills @ (#3) '07 Patriots The game started off rather slow, with the first score being a Gostkowski field goal 9 minutes in. With under a minute to go int he first quarter, Thurman Thomas would score the first touchdown of the game and put Buffalo up, 7-3. Brady would lead the Patriots offense down the field on the ensuing drive, capping it off with a 8 yard touchdown pass to Jabar Gaffney. 10-7, Pats. Not to be outdone, the Bills would score on their following drive thanks to a 34 yard end around score by Don Beebe. Buffalo had another chance to score at the end of the 2nd quarter, but Scott Norwood's 42 yard field goal bounced off of the right upright. The game would go into halftime 14-10, in favor of Buffalo. The 3rd quarter was quiet, setting up the storm that would brew in the 4th. Nobody scored in the 3rd, as the defense was battling it out (Bruce Smith ended up with 3 sacks of Brady on the day). The first score after intermission would come with 7:20 to go in the game, when Gostkowski booted a 25 yarder that would make it a 1 point Bills lead. After holding Buffalo, Tom Brady connected with Randy Moss on a 51 yard touchdown heave that would completely change the game. Laurence Maroney successfully ran in a 2 point conversion on the next play, making the score 21-14, Patriots. With just 2:45 left, the Bills were under pressure. They converted two third downs on their final drive, including a 9 yard touchdown pass from Kelly to Thomas that would tie the game with under a minute to go. The Patriots were unable to manage anything on their ensuing drive, and decided to settle for overtime. In overtime, the Bills' first drive was largely unsuccessful. New England began moving the ball down the field, but faced their most crucial play in the game. 3rd and 11, with the ball on Buffalo's 38. In range for a 55 yard field goal. If Buffalo could perhaps sack Brady or force an incompletion, they'd be set up with decent field position if a field goal was missed. However, Brady found Moss for a 25 yard game, which would lead to an easy Gostkowski field goal to seal the game for New England, 24-21. The NFL's villains come out on top once again, this time coming up clutch against the 8-8 '90 Bills. The Bills ended the season 5-1 to make the playoffs, but their hot streak comes to an end here against a team that they swept in the regular season. Away Scr @ Home Scr '90 Bills 21 @ '07 Patriots 24 The '90 Buffalo Bills have been eliminated from championship contention. In the AFC Divisional Round, the '99 Broncos will face the '99 Jaguars, and the '07 Patriots will face the '00 Ravens. (#5) '89 49ers @ (#4) '09 Saints Two high powered offenses clash in New Orleans as the '89 49ers face off against the '09 Saints. Although New Orleans captured their division at 10-6, they're playing a team with a superior record in the 11-5 49ers. San Francisco got the ball to begin the game and would score quickly, thanks to a 9 yard John Taylor / Joe Montana connection. New Orleans would be unable to get the ball rolling on multiple drives afterwards, leading to a 6 yard Terrence Flagler touchdown run, making the score 14-0, San Fran. The Saints seemed to suddenly wake up, with Brees finding Robert Meachem for a score with under two minutes to go, but it would appear they left too much time on the clock. With 1:54 to work with, the 49ers were able to successfully create another scoring drive, capped off with a 9 yard Roger Craig touchdown reception, Montana's second TD pass of the game. The two teams entered the break with a score of 21-7, San Francisco. Thankfully, New Orleans got the ball to begin the second half and scored almost immediately thanks to an absolute scamper by Pierre Thomas, taking it 51 yards to the house. 21-14, Saints. New Orleans was able to intercept Joe Montana on the 49ers' next drive, getting the ball back with momentum. However, both teams' offenses simply hit a brick wall. Drew Brees was sacked 3 times, both teams lost a fumble, and New Orleans ultimately ended up 6/14 on 3rd downs, compared to San Francisco's miraculous 10/12. Nobody would score until 13:40 in the 4th, where Roger Craig added a touchdown run making the game 28-14. The Saints were unable to recover from there, failing to convert on two fourth downs in the 4th quarter, ultimately losing the game 35-17. Brees played one of his worst games of the season, going 16/30 for 198 yards and a touchdown. Montana, meanwhile, flourished for 22/29, 356 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs. The '09 Saints drop a game in the Dome, and Joe Montana and the 9ers live to play another day. Away Scr @ Home Scr '89 49ers 35 @ '09 Saints 17 The '09 New Orleans Saints have been eliminated from championship contention. If the '92 Cowboys defeat the '85 Bears, the '89 49ers will face the '99 Rams. If the '85 Bears defeat the '92 Cowboys, the '89 49ers will face the '96 Packers. (#6) '85 Bears @ (#3) '92 Cowboys This is a tale of two teams who finished 11-5 in opposite ways. The '92 Boys started their season 2-4, but went a miraculous 9-1 over their last 10 games to capture the #3 seed in the NFC and the NFC East Title. On the other hand, the '85 Bears STARTED the season 9-1, maintaining the #1 seed in the NFC for the bulk of the season. However, they hit a big roadblock after Week 11, going 2-4 to end the season off and slip to the NFC's 6 seed. One game for them (their Week 13 loss vs San Francisco) turned out to be the difference between the #1 seed and the #6 seed. So, how did they fare going into this game? The Bears got the bal to begin the game, but failed to put much of a drive together. On the 2nd Cowboy offensive play, Aikman tossed a screen to Emmitt Smith that he ended up taking 66 yards, to the house. 7-0, Dallas. This game would prove to be a very defensive effort, as Chicago would tack on a field goal at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, followed by a Dallas response with about 2 minutes left before half. Half-time arrived with the score 10-3, in favor of the Cowboys. Coming out of half, both teams did... nothing. Similar to a few other games here, there was very little scoring in the 3rd, in this case, none. Not until 6:26 left in the 4th did another score appear, a 37 Lin Elliott field goal that put Dallas up 13-3. After a panicked drive and a Jim McMahon interception, Emmitt Smith followed up with a 4 yard touchdown score to make the game final. A 20-3 blowout in favor of the Dallas Cowboys. Chicago simply had a complete meltdown. 20 carries were given to Walter Payton, who only managed 40 yards on the day. The Cowboys defense completely keyed in to shutting down the run, forcing McMahon to beat them through the air, which he clearly could not do. In surprising fashion, the dominant '85 Bears are knocked out of the playoffs immediately. Away Scr @ Home Scr '85 Bears 3 @ '92 Cowboys 20 The '85 Chicago Bears have been eliminated from championship contention. The '92 Cowboys will face the '96 Packers, while the '89 49ers will face the '99 Rams. DIVISIONAL ROUND SCHEDULE '07 Patriots @ '00 Ravens '98 Broncos @ '99 Jaguars '92 Cowboys @ '96 Packers '89 49ers @ '99 Rams Make your predictions in the comments! Players of the Week NFC Offensive Player of the Week: Roger Craig (SF): 21 carries, 74 yards, 2 TDs, 3 receptions, 19 yards, 1 TD NFC Defensive Player of the Week: Johnathan Vilma (NO): 14 tackles, 1 sack AFC Offensive Player of the Week: Tom Brady (NEW): 24/29, 330 yards, 2 TDs AFC Defensive Player of the Week: Bruce Smith (BUF): 6 tackles, 3 sacks Final Standings Who's going to come out on top? Who's going out in the Divisional Round? MAKE YOUR PREDICTIONS IN THE COMMENTS!!! submitted by /u/MUTGraphics [visit reddit] [comments]

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