In 1942, the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions played each other twice. In those 2 games, the teams turned it over 27 times

Posted on: Jun 17, 2018   |   Posted by: German NFL Blog

In the first game, the Bears won 16-0. The Bears turned it over 6 times, and the Lions turned it over 4 times. It could've been a lot worse; the Lions recovered 3 of their own fumbles, and the Bears recovered one of their own fumbles In the second game, the Bears won 42-0. The Bears turned it over 5 times, while the Lions turned it over an NFL-record 12 times. In the 2 games, the Lions had 16 turnovers and 16 first downs, while scoring 0 points. Highly doubt we're ever going to see a division series again where the 2 teams turn it over 27 times in 2 games. For perspective on how crazy that number is, you'd need 28 turnovers in 2 games to break it. That comes out to 14 turnovers per game, and 7 turnovers by each team per game. Each team would need to turn the ball over roughly twice per quarter for both games for that record to be broken. submitted by /u/JaguarGator9 [visit reddit] [comments]