Why don’t players throw more laterals?

Posted on: May 16, 2018   |   Posted by: Refs4Pats NFL Blog2

DISCLAIMER: I am Australian and have recently become pretty interested in the American style of football, there is probably an obvious answer to this question. Please just know that I am fairly uneducated when it comes to this sport apart from the basics. Why isn’t the ball thrown laterally more? I feel like that brings a huge advantage to the offensive team but it never really happens. It seems when a player breaks out into an open space the defence collapses to stop the run but couldn’t this be countered by throwing behind you to someone to the side? Am I just wrong in the way the game works? Is there a rule preventing this? Let me know. I ask this because I’ve watched a fair bit of rugby (don’t know how much Americans follow/play that) where it is a pretty similar concept, and laterals are thrown multiple times per possession. Obviously the defense is set up very different to NFL (they pretty much create a wall). Long story short, I feel like laterals would be very effective in American football, why aren’t they used more often? submitted by /u/RyanShieldsy [visit reddit] [comments]